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Digital Quest

Digital Quest

Digital Escape Game

Reinforce your teams through digital team building.
Digital Quest is a digital virtual investigation that is played in a remote team.
From 20 to 1000 players simultaneously in teams of 5 maximum, you have one hour to solve the investigation. (possibility of customization)

Solve this mystery
Léonard Gretenfield

Investigation led by

Léonard Gretenfield

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Code.EN. RIII R.04

What is it?

Des codes cachés sont présents sur le site Get Out. Si vous parvenez à les démasquer, ils vous permettront d’accéder à des contenus inédits qui ne sont pas accessibles à tous. Saurez-vous les retrouver ? Bonne chance !

Code.ENTR.04 Code.ENTR.04

Can you find the secrets of this site in less than ten minutes?


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